Okay, so my memory isn’t that great. I have a tendency to forget what things are called. Early Alzheimer’s perhaps? Not sure. My friends, who are anywhere from 5 to 13 years younger than me, enjoy this trait because it is apparently amusing to watch me come up with names. Here are some examples:

“The guy who looks like Ray Romano but isn’t Ray Romano” – The first time I used this, Beth looked at me and said “So, in other words, this is any guy in the world?” His name is, dang it, I forgot it again. He’s been on Seinfeld and Everyone Loves Raymond. He talks slowly. Yeah, I’ll be editing, apparently. Okay, checked with Beth, his name is Fred Stoller. Here is his Imdb site.

“The funny guy, you know, the one who isn’t Nathan Lane” – This is Larry Miller. I finally do remember his name but before I would have to list the movies he’s been in (Pretty Woman, Undercover Blues, 10 Things I Hate About You). And yes, I do realize he and Nathan Lane look nothing alike. Here’s Larry’s Imdb site.

“Not A Simeks” – This came about when I was trying to give Beth directions one day and was telling her she would recognize Minnehaha because there was a pizza place on the left and another building on the right. Exact quote “It’s a Simeks, no, wait, it’s a…it’s a Not A Simeks.” Beth “So it’s anything (you will notice that Beth is quite sarcastic. All my friends are. It’s quite horrid)?” Anyway, a Not A Simeks is a butcher shop. In this case, it was a Von Hanson’s.

“Vant” – To vent and rant. About something completely nonsensical.

There are more. I just can’t think of them right now. How sad is that?

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At 9:14 PM, brooksba said…
Okay, okay. So according to your post, I’m sarcastic? I thought you said I can’t be sarcastic because of the training of certain skills. (By the way, I’m waiting for you to explain to the world how much you “love” Paul Simon.) =)