Found an interesting website today. Apparently I am worth exactly: $1,354,040.00. (DM, added on 5/28 – okay, so this is probably wrong. Although I like to think I am fairly intelligent, apparently the 240 I entered for my IQ is only, oh, 100 points too much. Oops. I’ll have to retake it.)

Check it out.

They ask you some questions about how old you are, how much education, etc. I thought it was fun.

Going to Fridleykins (Perkins) with Beth, Keem and Matt tonight. That’s always fun. We like to listen to people sitting at other booths – you would be amazed at some of the crazy stuff people say, especially if they’ve been drinking.

Oh, well, got to run. Maybe I will have a “Weird things people say” post tomorrow. Ciao!

Update – there weren’t a lot of people at Fridleykins last night. We had a great time playing Sheepshead.

Weird things people say –

DM (having strange fascination with patting Matt’s shaved head) “I like your scalp. May I draw on it?”

Matt “No! That’s the only part of my body I don’t let my kids draw on.”

And before you freak out, there are other parts the kids aren’t allowed to draw on. It was just the first thing he said. We were very amused.