I’ve decided what America really needs is another award show for movies, except it won’t be based on the Academy’s categories – such as Best Actor or Actress, etc. No, this would be based on what I thought. My boss can’t understand why, whenever I see a movie, I will refer to it as “The Best Movie of All Time.” He says I say that every time I see a movie and this, yes, is probably true. However, the reason I say that is because I really get caught up in movies. If I have no desire to see a movie but need to know what happens, I will make people tell me. If I am watching a movie that a friend has recommended, I will ask them what is going to happen. Seven is a good example. A friend of mine wanted me to watch it and about halfway through I turn to her and we have this conversation:

DM: I need to know if anything happens to Gwynneth Paltrow’s character.
Friend: Why?
DM: Because I’m not going to watch anymore, that’s why!

So do you know what she did? She lied to me and told me Gwynneth would be fine. Well, if you’ve seen Seven, you can understand why I was upset.

Here are some of my favorites:

Favorite Love Story – Torch Song Trilogy. It’s the story of a drag queen (Harvey Fierstein, love him) and his loves (mother, son and yes, lovers Ed and Alan). It was funny and tragic and beautiful all at once. Matthew Broderick has never looked hotter in any other movie. I don’t care if you’re gay, bi, straight, whatever, you should watch this movie. Unless you’re a complete homophobe and then you wouldn’t appreciate it.

Favorite War Movie – I have two. Operation Petticoat which is a hilarious movie starring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. It takes place on a submarine and they end up rescuing a bunch of nurses. Craziness ensues. The second one is The Dirty Dozen which is the exact opposite of OP. Well, there is craziness but it’s not a sub accidentally painted pink, it’s Telly Savalas as a psycho who hates women. I love them both.

Favorite Suspense Movie – The Spiral Staircase. It was filmed in black and white and is very creepy. There’s no blood, no gore, just sheer terror as a madman is targeting women with “afflictions” and is after Helen, a woman who is mute because of a traumatic experience. Really well done.

Okay, well, that’s it for now. Keem is sick and I must make sure she is not dead. I am such a good roommate. I also think Jeff, our other roommate, might want to use the computer for awhile.