I saw the movie last night with Keem, Adam and his boyfriend, Rich. Adam, Keem and I have a tradition, we have seen all 3 HP movies at the same theater, Mueller Theaters in White Bear Township (Nice theater, they have the best buttered popcorn I have tasted, and the seats are comfortable but they lose out because you can not raise the armrests. Keem and I prefer the Carmike Cinemas because you can raise the armrests and, while their buttered popcorn isn’t as good as Mueller Theaters, they have Apple Cinnamon Flavoring (Yummy!)).

The movie was good but, as I told my boss this morning, it is not the best movie I’ve ever seen. Spoiler Alert – if you haven’t seen the movie, don’t read the following!

1. I’m not sure I like the new director, I felt that the movie moved too fast and while I know a lot of detail has to be left out, I thought too much was sacrificed.
2. I was very disappointed that the Quidditch game was so short and that the incredibly hot Oliver Wood (so aptly played in the first 2 movies by Sean Biggerstaff (no, I am not making up that name)) was not in the movie. And, for those who would condemn me for referring to Wood as hot, well, his portrayer is 21.

What I did like about the movie:
1. A lot of attention was paid to Ron and Hermione’s burgeoning romance.
2. The glorious Alan Rickman was back as Professor Snape (Sigh).
3. Buckbeak was almost exactly like I imagined him.
4. The new Dumbledore portrayed the character well and it was hard for me to see the difference.

If you’re wondering how I can only have two things in my disappointment features, well, you don’t know me that well yet. I love movies and can lose myself in them completely. A lot of times people will ask me if we’re sure we saw the same movie because I thought it was great and they thought it was horrid. Van Helsing is a good example. I thought it was wonderful, one of my bankers thought it was awful. Why the difference in opinion? I can suspend reality and just enjoy a movie. Most other people will watch a movie and analyze everything. Stop doing that, people! Just enjoy the movie! It’ll be more fun!