I know you all read the post on June 5th and were horrified at the thought that Keem might be dead. You will be happy to know that she was alive. However, she was not properly grateful that I had suspended all of my personal enjoyment to make sure she was alive. I know, dear reader, I was shocked as well. Here is our conversation.

Keem is in the living room, sitting on the couch, watching TV.

DM (kind, caring tone): Keem, are you dead?
Keem (not so kind tone): Yes.

I don’t remember what I said next but I’m sure I expressed deep sorrow that she was dead. I certainly did not ask her what she was making for supper. I would obviously prepare the food for my roommate if she was ill. And if she says otherwise, she is a liar! But you knew that, right? Because she told me she was dead and she wasn’t. Of course, since she doesn’t have a blog, you would have no idea what her opinion is, right? And no, Keem, this does not come under the category of nagging you to get a blog. This is just a simple comment to my loyal subjects, I mean readers.

I think I might have been a cat in a past life. Okay, I leave you with these thoughts, a glimpse into the random madness that is I, DM, Queen of the Universe.

Yes, I’ll explain that later. Got to go back to work and get yelled at by more customers.