Craziness ensued today, my manager was out of the office. This usually means that my day will be crap. Today was no difference. 4 hours on the phone with customers and bankers, 1/2 hour meeting with only 15 minutes to prepare, hour meeting in which I went insane and started asking for more work. “Ooh, let me do the newsletter, please, please? I want to coordinate it. Please!”

I was able to spend, oh, maybe all of an hour with my bankers. I feel that I was really able to touch their lives with those nanoseconds I was there for them.

Then I come home and start watching Reagan’s funeral and start crying. And on Scrubs, Brendan Fraser was on and he died (okay, his character) and I cried. I have been known to cry at cat food commercials so this isn’t really a surprise.

Although the day did end positively. We watched Last Comic Standing tonight – some very funny people. I was excited that some of my favorites are going to Vegas. Dan Ahdoot, Jessica Kirshon, Monty Hoffman, Dan Naturman, Jay London, Gary Guhlman, Chris Voth. I was hoping that Paul Varghese and Juston McKinney would have made it as well but I guess I can’t have everything, right?

Here’s a tip. If you need to go to the bathroom, don’t watch stand up. It’s not good.