So I have this viewpoint that I don’t use a cell phone enough to justify actually having a cell phone. The cheapest plan I’ve been able to find was one for $20 and you got 200 minutes. Well, if you’re me and don’t drive and are usually with one of the people you want to talk to, what’s the point in that? I tried a prepaid phone and was getting ripped off. You buy the card for $25 and you get so many minutes for the month. If you don’t use all of the minutes at the end of the month, you lose them. Or you can buy a card for $50 and don’t have to worry about your minutes expiring for two months…but, if you’re me, you’re never going to use all the time up and really, you’re just paying a company to talk to people maybe 10 or 15 minutes a month. It’s completely a waste of money.

I had seen commercials for Virgin Mobile and decided to check out their website and they are surprisingly great! As long as you spend $20 every 3 months, your minutes remain open. You can download ringtones and celebrity voicemails…yes, the real reason I bought this phone is because if you call me and I don’t answer, Adam West answers my phone (Have I mentioned that I love Adam West? That he’s the only Batman as far as I’m concerned? That I shiver whenever I hear his voice…you probably didn’t want to know that. Note to my friends, photo 14 or 30 would be the perfect gift for my birthday…yes, I know it’s not until March.) The website will outline all of the rules and there’s no hidden cost, everything is outlined completely. It is great for people who don’t talk a lot and really only want a phone so they don’t have to search for a payphone all the time.