Yay! I am so excited. I will have to link to it as well! This is so exciting. I am a little worried about what she’s going to say about me but I suppose since I have been so incredibly persuasive, I should just deal with it, right? And by persuasive, I mean this:

DM: Keem, you will find that many intelligent people blog. I find that I truly enjoy reading other people’s blogs. It is a lot of fun and I like seeing recommendations for other websites. I have found a lot of exciting stuff through the Blog World.
Keem: Dana, if you ask me one more time, I’ll never do it.
DM: Keem, I think you are very creative and should blog. It will be fun.
Keem: Maybe.

Ahh, proof of my mystical powers. And she claims I’m not the Queen of the Universe.