I am re-reading Nora Roberts Key Trilogy right now, I’m just starting the 3rd book. She does not have a new book coming out until August but, thank God, it’s a JD Robb one. Then it looks like I have to wait for October for anything else. Write faster, Nora Roberts, you are my favorite author and I can’t handle waiting this long between books.

I have just re-read Mil Millington’s A Certain Chemistry. I love his sense of humor and bizarre turn of phrase. I know he’s working on a 3rd book but is it here now? No, it is not.

Jennifer Crusie released an extremely funny book this year called Bet Me. I loved it but it was over too fast. Probably time to read it again.

I am reading The Da Vinci Code at Beth’s recommendation but it slow going. It is my purse book (meaning that I carry it in my purse and read it whenever I am waiting for something or on lunch when at work) and I am only on the 2nd chapter. It hasn’t hooked me quite yet but it’s getting there. I’m more of a romantic comedy kind of girl and it is hard for me to get involved in a thriller…but I did like Angels and Demons.

I was reading The Face by Dean Koontz but it creeped me out and I had to stop. I have a difficult time with both him and Stephen King. It took me a year to read The Shining. Not because I read slow but because I couldn’t take it and would stop for several months.

Yes, just found out Sidney Sheldon has another book coming out…but not until September, dang it!

Any suggestions, my fellow bloggers? What are you reading? Who are you hoping will finish a book already? Let me know…I have to convince Keem to go to the library, I can’t afford to keep buying new books.