Went to Karaoke on Sunday night with Beth. The Chalet was pretty quiet which we love because that means we get to sing a lot! We had a great time and got to listen to some excellent singers, including an 11 year old girl who sings better than me. Which is sad but hey, at least I can admit it, right?

Well, faithful readers, the miracle has happened. DM has actually had a romantic experience. It was very moving. Here’s what happened. We are at The Chalet. After the incredibly talented 11 year old made Beth and I cry by singing Traveling Soldier by the Dixie Chicks, Big Wayne (the tallest man in the world (according to Bryan). Big Wayne’s height appears to change each week. On Sunday he was 14 feet, well, again, according to Bryan. It’s amazing. When we first started going to The Chalet he was only 7 feet tall) came up to sing one of my favorite songs, Unchained Melody. This made me cry, yet again. So I told him that if I ever get married (hahahaha), I would like him to sing this song at my wedding. He agreed. Later, when he came up to sing another song, Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, which is another one of my favorite songs, I called out “What, are you trying to kill me? (meaning that I would probably cry. Again. You’re shocked by this, aren’t you?)” So Big Wayne came down to our table, sat down and started singing to me. When he got to the part of “Take my hand, take my whole life too,” he reached out for me and there it was, folks, the most exciting encounter I have had in well, forever. I actually held a heterosexual male’s hand (5 male friends. All gay. Love them but hey, they’re not helping my love life any). I almost swooned. It was quite touching (pun intended).

Then Monday, Beth called and asked if I would go shopping with her. I agreed because I am, as we all know, the absolute best friend in the entire world. We went to Roseville. It was interesting. Beth and I have completely different tastes in clothing but I did like everything she bought. I have decided I have to lose weight just because there is such a difference in clothes styles between Petites and Plus Sizes. For some reason, most designer’s feel that I either want to dress like a slut or a grandmother. There’s no happy medium. I personally feel that I really don’t want to bare my midriff to the world, thank you very much. Beth was able to find some really fun, funky clothes that didn’t shout “Hey, I’m a hooker in my spare time.” Or, even worse, “I am a grandmother!” Other than the woman at Victoria’s Secret who, in essence, called me tacky, we had a great time (more detail is on Beth’s blog, link is to the right).

“Well you know that it’s going to be alright

I think it’s gonna be alright

Everything will always be alright

When we go shopping” BareNaked Ladies – Shopping