We watched “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” last night. I’m thinking I may have to read the book. Oh, Peter Facinelli is in the Scorpion King (which is also really good and no, it’s not just because of The Rock…)

Connect the tracks of Dana’s mind…

1. We watched “Midnight” while scrapbooking.
2. I first watched “Midnight” scrapbooking with you one night.
3. Kevin Spacey is in “Midnight.”
4. Kevin Spacey is one of your favorite actors (Okay, if Kevin Spacey is one of your favorite actors and Rowan Atkinson is one of mine, how is it possible that we’re friends? That’s so bizarre).
5. Another Kevin Spacey movie I watched was “The Big Kahuna”. This movie has Peter Facinelli in it.
6. Peter Facinelli looks somewhat like Tom Cruise. This irritates me because I don’t like Tom Cruise and haven’t ever since Goose died in “Top Gun”. Although I stopped disliking him as much when I saw “Jerry Maquire” and “Minority Report”.
7. Another movie Peter Facinelli was in was “Can’t Hardly Wait” and “Riding in Cars with Boys”. I have seen both of these movies.
8. We watched “The Scorpion King” while scrapbooking. Mmm, The Rock.
9. Peter Facinelli is in “The Scorpion King”.

Are you scared? Because I am. Even scarier? That ran through my brain in about ten seconds…imagine what I could do if I used my powers for good instead of trivial.

Okay, time to work. Ciao.

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At 2:56 AM, Robert ~ Marlénè said…
Mmmmmm… Peter Facinelli! He’s dreamy! Those prissy little lips, those deepset eyes! The Rock is dreamy, too, but in a different way (pardon my while I think about them together… grrr-bumptious!); and the only movies with Tom Cruise that didn’t suck were Risky Business and Interview With the Vampire. That’s my two cents, anyway.