That’s a good question and I’d be happy to help you with that.

Yes. I admit it. I am a 37 year old woman who sleeps with a stuffed animal. Go ahead. Mock me. I also have Chips Ahoy sheets (I can’t use them because they turn my skin blue but they’re really cool).

The stuffed animal du jour is named “Hippo” and he (all my stuffed animals are males) is a hippo made out of this really soft terry cloth and is very comfortable. He isn’t your usual gray hippo, he is more brown. And he has a very pretty giraffe patterned ribbon tied around his neck.

Hippo received his name because once upon a time, there was a glorious Greek God of a man named Michael. Michael’s last name was quite long and a disturbed individual I tolerated only because she was dating a friend of mine thought it was Hippotomous. So, while I was hiding my deep and abiding lust for Michael from him (yeah, like he didn’t know. Every time he walked by I would sigh deeply), my friends and I would refer to him as Hippo. So, even after Michael left the Bank of DM and moved on to better things, I still adored him and needed something to remind me of him. On a Sheepsheadian trip to Duluth, I found Hippo and liberated him from a Kaybee Toys store.

Hippo recently went to Las Vegas with Beth and I. We had a great time there and there’s an excellent picture of Hippo playing cards with Beth’s stuffed monkey, Elwood. If I ever learn how to download pictures, I will post the picture.

The oldest stuffed animal I own is named Panda (okay, most of my animals have really creative names…I just don’t remember them). He was a gift from my grandmother for Christmas when I was seven and I still have him, I just can’t sleep with him anymore because he has been through a lot and is in pretty rough shape.

At 1:26 AM, Robert ~ Marlénè said…

I sleep with the teddy-bear my Grandmother bought me for my 30th birthday. He is the first teddy bear I ever had. His name is Antinöus Bill, and I posted his picture on my blog. I have no shame.

Hippo, in Greek, means “horse.” Just thought you might like to know 😉

At 7:49 AM, CarpeDM said…

That is very interesting. I think I may have known that. I find it amusing that you left the comment on the same day my friend Beth told a joke about a horse on her blog.