Do you know what I’ve had for the last two days for lunch? I’ll tell you. Cold Tater Tot Hotdish (Yes, I am Midwestern. And it’s pop, not soda). Do you know why it’s cold? Because if I walk to break room and heat up my lunch, that is at least 10 minutes that I could be blogging or reading other blogs. I only get a 1/2 hour for lunch, why would I waste my time on a microwave?

Tomorrow, Keem and I are going to the Bank of DM for overtime. Keem works a full day. I will work 4 hours. Why not work the full day? Because I can spend the time I’m not on the phone on the computer in our resource room. At home, I am at the mercy of the dial-up service. At work, it’s DSL, baby. Yes, everyone I work with thinks I’m insane.

But you know, I just don’t care. I have had a lot of fun, not only writing my adventures but also reading some very interesting blogs as well. It’s a beautiful and diverse world we live in and there are a lot of great characters in it as well.