So, those of you who read my post on June 9th, might remember how excited I was to watch LCS this week, right? I was looking forward to seeing how my favorites did. Yeah, well, I’m ticked off now.

Tuesday night, I am settled onto the couch, having been smart enough to go to the bathroom before the show started, I am avidly waiting for laughter and joy to invade my living room. And it did.

Here were the people I liked (if I could find a home page for them, I linked it):

Jessica Kirshon, who is insane but very funny.

Gary Gulman – Tall, dark, handsome and hilarious. Mmm, Dana like.

Kathleen Madigan – Love her. Her gymnastic jokes were great.

Monty Hoffman – Very dry sense of humor. Which I love.

Dan Ahdoot – The whole comedy calendar? I wanted more.

Unfortunately, only Kathleen and Gary made it to the house. The plus side, Ant made it, Keem likes him. And he is very funny, I just like Dan Ahdoot and Monty more.

I am not happy about:

Corey Holcomb or Bonnie McFarlane – I don’t think they are that funny.

Wednesday night is what made me mad.

Here are the people I was rooting for:

John Heffron – I have no words, only laughter.

Dan Naturman – Looks like I’m not the only one who likes him, he did get a standing ovation from the audience and the celebrity judges.

Jay London – The one liner king. Just helpless laughter.

Tammy Pescatelli – I think she’s funny and I feel bad about her Dad being sick. She wasn’t her best on Wednesday.

Alonzo Bodden – Like Gary, Alonzo is tall, dark, handsome and hilarious. Mmm, Dana like him as well!

Okay, I got 4 out of 6 of the comics I wanted into the house but I am so pissed about Dan Naturman. He was great. I know the only reason Todd Glass “won” is because the producers are trying to come up with drama for the house. Todd Glass is extremely annoying and I’m waiting for someone to punch him. And as much as I like Tammy, Jim Wiggins deserved to go onto the house (Keem and I were sad when he didn’t make it last week so we were excited to see him be called in last minute).

I am still looking forward to next week, just because I hope Bonnie McFarlane and Todd Glass get kicked out quickly.