Well, I can honestly say I have my mother to thank for the choosing of CarpeDM. Other than the fact that she named my Dana Marie, right? For some reason, she would complain bitterly about my other email/screen names.

The first one was troubledvixen – okay, a bit odd, maybe, but this one came about at a job I had at a department store. One of my co-workers and I had anonymously posted a letter of complaint in the break room about our evil supervisor neglecting her job for months and suddenly coming to us in a meeting and saying “Oh, by the way, even though there hasn’t been any disciplinary action taken in the last 3 months, well, we’re still watching your cash drawer shortages and hey, you could lose your job tomorrow if you make one more mistake.” He was pulled into the office by the aforementioned evil supervisor and her boss and the ES told him “I know it was you. You and that troubled vixen you hang out with.” Mom didn’t like it. She was embarrassed to include me in her group emails.

Okay, Mom, I’ll change it. The next one was badbadkittygirl. This was the result of my friend Annie yelling at her cat, Nala. “Nala, you are a bad girl. You are a bad, bad kitty girl.” I thought it was hilarious and decided to try it as an email/screen name. Mom didn’t like it because she could never type it in correctly. And, I was also running into problems because any time I went into a chat room, I would be attacked by extremely horny men who would try to get me to hook up with them. I am not a feline dominatrix!

So then, I went with fruitfly. Fairly easy, simple, right? This was a nickname one of my friends gave me in email.

Friend – “You’re a fruit fly.”

DM – “What the heck is a fruit fly?”

Friend – “You buzz around gay boys.” (Granted, this was back when I’d hit the gay bars with him. I’m too old to club now, especially since I quit drinking)

Okay, I accept the title, I hate the term faghag. Another friend told me I was a flame dame but I think that title belongs to Beth, she’s a lot classier than I am. Mom, who is relatively open minded, thought that people on her mailing list were more conservative than her and might not like it. My response, why do I care? And how do they know what it means? Maybe I just like apples, did you ever think of that?

To appease the Royal Momness, I decided to go with carpeDM. She was okay with that. But she doesn’t know that secretly I am thinking “Don’t seize the day, seize the Dana Marie!” Mwahahahaha!

Update – I get an email from Mom at work. “Have you changed your email address? I can’t get anything through to you.” I’ll have to connect with her to find out what’s going on…I certainly don’t want to change the email address again! Although, I wonder what I could come up with this time.

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Why did you choose your screen name?

At 9:52 AM, lilblackgirl said…

I associate screen names with online alias’s. I’ve had a few myself.my current one, LBG (lilblackgirl) was a passing joke by some soccer buddies about 15 years ago and it stuck with me ever since. no, i’m not black, i’m not a girl and i only weigh about 160.

godcomplex – came from the Alec Baldwin film “malice”. decent film, but best quote ever.

strich – another soccer name given because i run on my toes, like an ostrich, hence the name.