There’s another ad from the marketing geniuses at Rainbow Foods that disturbs me even more than the loaves of bread one. This was a full page, color ad in the Saint Paul newspaper.

Now we’ve established that RF thinks that vegetables and fruits are people, right (why is it that every time I say that, I think of Soylent Green, “It’s people!”)? Now imagine if you will, my horror upon gazing at this carrot that has eyes and is smiling at another odd fruit/vegetable creature. Is it the fact that she has eyes that bothers me so? No. What really gets to me is that…

She is wearing a pea necklace. Yes, they have taken a pod of peas, broken them open and made a necklace out of them. So what RF is now saying is that these fruit/vegetable characters are now alive, they are also cannibalizing each other to make necklaces and earrings (fashioned out of onions). This goes beyond wearing fur, people. When you start wearing your neighbor as a fashion accessory, then there’s a problem.

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At 1:06 AM, Robert ~ Marlénè said…

I wonder what my neighbors would look like as fashion accessories? The ninety-year-old Greek lady next door would make a lovely handbag.

At 3:21 AM, brooksba said…

I have also considered how ninety-year olds would look as a handbag.

Does that make me strange?

Or does the fact I’m surfing your blog at 3:24 in the morning, listening to Faster, Faster, and laughing hysterically?

I think the first one.