Went to see this today with Keem and Katie (work friend who left the phone bank and now works in another area of the Bank of DM. Dang her).

We went to went to Damon’s for lunch before meeting Katie. We decided to do the 2 for $25 deal and I got the Apple-Bourbon chicken. Not bad but I wish I would have gone for the ribs like Keem did. We had fun playing trivia on the NTN games.

When we were walking into the theater, Keem asked if I had remembered to turn off my phone. I said no. My reasoning was “What if Katie calls us to tell us that she is dead and can’t make it?” But Katie arrived safe and sound! Yay!

The movie was good, it moved fairly fast and kept my attention. I know that some people are going to tell you that it sucked and some people are going to say it is great. I will tell you that I liked it, not enough to go back to see it again in the theater but I will probably buy it on DVD. I can watch movies so much better when they are on DVD, not because I prefer a small screen but because the DVD usually has subtitles.

For some reason, subtitles help me hear better. Usually when I watch a movie without subtitles, I miss things, like names or sometimes whole bits of dialougue. And Heaven help us if the person has an accent. Since the 3 main characters of Around the World are English, French and Chinese, I was lost in a few places. I didn’t feel like I was missing anything, though, because there was a lot of action to keep me satisfied.

Okay, must go to bed. I work at 5:30 AM. Yuck.