Quick update because God knows, I need to go to bed.

Corey Holcomb completely ticked me off tonight. When they are discussing the roommate situation, he talks about how he is rooming with Ant, who happens to be gay. So Corey mentions how he doesn’t like the fact that Ant is looking at him. And he says he’ll be sleeping with a golf club. Now, maybe he was trying to be funny but Ant said it himself, Corey is a homophobe. Well, Mr. Holcomb, I have to tell you that you probably don’t have anything to worry about. I really can’t see Ant trying to make his way into your bed. You’re not good looking, you’re not that funny and, you know what, just because a man is gay, doesn’t mean he automatically wants to sleep with you. Okay, okay, calming down.

Todd Glass really annoys me. I hope he goes soon but Tammy Pescatelli has a great point – he is too strong. Then she went on this whole Sicillian thing about you winnow out the people around him…a little scary but probably very true.

Bonnie is gone. She decided to challenge John Heffron. This was a huge mistake because he is absolutely hilarious and her best joke is about anorexia…which, hey, really isn’t that funny. The final vote was either 94% – 6% or 95% – 5%, Keem and I couldn’t agree.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. I am still fuming that Dan Naturman didn’t make it to the house because the man is brilliant and so outclasses Todd Glass and Corey Holcomb. I will probably get over it eventually.

Good night, all.

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At 12:10 PM, Jerry said…

It was a great show last night. You’re right, Corey’s “all gay men are out to rape me” attitude was really offensive, but Ant seemed to handle it well by just kind of rolling his eyes about it. My favorite moment was when the HBO executive came out of her “disguise” by taking off her glasses and letting her hair down — wow, what a shocking twist!!!!

At 8:35 PM, CarpeDM said…

Yeah, I noticed that. And wow, she looked so different – like anyone would know who she is anyway.