So Kari tells me last night that she was talking to her doctor about the precious screaming child that is my nephew and she expressed concern about eyesight. While Kari does need glasses or contacts, her vision is not that bad. Eric’s eyesight is perfect. But Kari is concerned that Josh may inherit my bad eyesight (without glasses, I can’t read anything further away than six inches. And it’s really, really blurry). The doctor told her it wasn’t just about heredity, environment is a factor as well.

Here it turns out that the fact that I am an avid reader has contributed to my poor eyesight. Does that just suck or what? I guess it does make sense, even when Mom wouldn’t let me bring a book to the table, I would start reading the cereal box out of desperation. May I say how much I love being an adult? That’s just sad. I’m excited about being able to read wherever I want.

Speaking of words – here’s a cool website. – Ever thought you knew a lot about where word meanings come from? I did. And I have been proven terribly, terribly wrong.