It is 9 AM on Friday. I don’t work on Fridays. I don’t have overtime today. I should be curled up in bed with Hippo and Eddy (cat. My cat. Who thinks he belongs to Keem). Especially since I didn’t get home until 4 AM. And I’ve been up for an hour.

An up note. All this glorious awakeness (yes, I am being sarcastic) has allowed me to finish The DaVinci Code. Which is the reason I am awake right now. Because I was having a stupid dream in which I was being chased by nameless monks who wanted me to either forge a painting for them or smuggle the painting. I’m not sure. And Michael Flately was there and we kept being discovered because he couldn’t stop doing the stupid River Dance. Yes. I am serious. Trying to sneak through Customs and he decides to perform for the masses. Is it any wonder that I grabbed the security guard’s gun and shot him? While speaking perfect French? Update, Matt called and I remembered what the subtitles said when I shot Flately “Michael. You bastard. You must die.” Of course, when I’m telling Matt, I do this weird cross between Ahnold and Abba. “Mykile. You bahstad. You must dah.”

I am blaming Beth and Matt for this dream. Beth because she let me read The DaVinci Code and Matt for his last post. Although Beth, being logical, will tell me that I can’t blame her for my dream, it is obviously the result of an overactive imagination. And to that I reply, “Fine. Then it’s Dan Brown’s fault.”

Please, God, just hit me over the head with something heavy. Then, maybe, I’ll sleep.

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At 3:09 AM, brooksba said…

It is Dan’s fault.