Yes. I am still awake. I will be taking a break from my exciting day of surfing the internet and go and find something to eat.

Meanwhile, I just thought I would let you all know that my cat is insane. I am reading more entertaining stories from One Good Thing and I hear this strange scratching noise. Hmm, what is that? Here, Eddy has, deliberately, jumped from the back of the chair into the laundry basket (it’s one of those deep baskets on wheels that can also be used as a grocery cart). Now, this is normal cat behavior, right? I’m sure he and Bob (Keem’s cat) have discussions on the cool places to hide in the apartment daily.

No, what is odd here is that he makes these skritching noises, I glance over at the cart and then he slowly rises up in the cart to look at me and then, slowly lowers himself back down. My cat is playing peekaboo. Okay, maybe that’s not so odd but I am functioning on approximately 4 hours of sleep. I am easily amused.