Todd Glass is gone! Todd Glass is gone! I am happy! Lalalalalala! Sorry. I was having a moment.

Have the people on LCS forgotten that this is a game? C’mon. There’s nothing personal about this. During the photo booth section of the program, you keep getting the reaction shots of people whenever someone said that they were funnier than them. The look of betrayal, the “How could they say that?” sentiment running across the faces was priceless. And John Heffron’s teary speech when he came back to the house? As much as I love him, I did have to roll my eyes over that. Ant was superb last night and so deserved immunity. I know he was lying through his teeth but still, it was great to watch everyone get shot down by him.

They left a little too much out of the scene between Ant and Corey Holcomb but I can almost guarantee I know what happened. Todd Glass, being an annoying “I’m always in your face” prick, probably made a comment about the fact that Ant is gay and used a not so nice word. So Ant probably commented back about how that’s not an appropriate word, it would be like using the “N” word. I don’t know that for sure, of course, because they didn’t show that. I’m sure that’s what happened though. Corey so took it too far but I think Ant should have apologized for offending him immediately and then explained why he said it. But that’s me. What really ticked me off was Todd running off the mouth about how Ant shouldn’t have said anything. I was screaming at the television set “Well, you started it. Jerk!” Yes, my roommates think I’m insane. What ticks me off is last week, it was okay for Corey to make comments about how he just knows Ant wants to sleep with him. And this week, he gets to throw a hissy fit. Did you see Ant stomping around last week like a baby? No, you did not.

Okay, so here’s the proof that I am the Queen of the Universe. Last week, I wanted Bonnie gone. She is gone. This week, I wanted Todd gone and, even though I grudgingly admit he was very funny last night, Tammy Pescatelli nudged him out by 5%. I was so scared she was going to lose. I’m hoping Corey’s next and then my world is complete. I still haven’t decided who I want to win. I’m torn between Ant, Kathleen Madigan, John Heffron and Alonzo Bodden.

Does anyone else hate how long Jay Mohr will pause before he tells us who won? That just annoys me.