So Keem has abandoned me again to go home to La Crosse. Her family is having a reunion. Fortunately though, I have Beth to do fun stuff with. She is still in the process of moving, just the unpacking part where you try to figure out where everything is going to go that is kind of fun.

Last night we went to Joe DiMaggio’s in Fridley. I’d never been there before and I was pleased. We definitely ordered way too much food or the portions there are just much larger than what I’m used to getting. The soup, 7 bean and ham, was excellent. I liked the cheesy garlic breadsticks. I don’t know how my turkey club was because by the time that got to the table, I was full. Maybe it’ll be a nice snack later on today.

Then we decided to go and see a movie. The Terminal was playing at Wynnsong. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend it highly. Tom Hanks was wonderful, I have never seen Catherine Zeta-Jones look so vulnerable and real and then, there was my beloved Stanley Tucci (yes, I have many beloveds. No, I am not fickle. I love them equally and I’m sure they understand I can’t just be held to one favorite actor). What can you say about Stanley Tucci? The man is a genius at the comic meltdown, where his character just explodes with insanity. See The Imposters and Big Trouble for some classic moments of Tucci hilarity.

After that, it was off to Cub to go grocery shopping. Beth doesn’t go grocery shopping that often, apparently. After being there with her, I now know what Keem goes through when we go to the grocery store (Although I think Beth is a lot more bouncy than I am).

When we got back to Beth’s, we watched The Royal Tannenbaums. Now, I did fall asleep a couple of times throughout the movie (this is not an indication that the movie’s bad or anything. I had been up since 6:30 AM and was trying to function on Bethtime), and I’m hoping that’s why I’m horribly, horribly confused by this movie. It was very strange.