Okay, so I might be dying of the plague but I’m not going to miss LCS for anything. Here’s what happened.

Ant, being altruistic (snort of laughter), presented Jay London with the photoshoot Ant had won the previous week. Jay accepted gracefully and then Ant reveals his plan was to get Jay to vote the same way that his alliance. Duh. Like we couldn’t figure that out.

The LCS household had to give a roast, the roastee chosen was Jay London. I don’t like roasts, I find that they’re an excuse to be really mean about someone and use humor as an excuse. I found that Alonzo Bodden was the most eloquent and nicest of the roasters and was glad that he won. John Heffron was probably the next best.

However, there was a catch. Since Jay London was the one they chose to roast, he won immunity. Alonzo wasn’t pleased by this and I can’t say I blame him but hey, it’s a game, right? You know they’re going to throw things in to be tricky.

Anyway, long story short (too late), Gary Gulman and Ant went head to head. Both were very funny but Gary won by 70(?)%. I was sorry to see Ant go, I am fond of him. He did make a comment about everyone seeing him as the head of the alliance but he was just a puppet and someone else was pulling his strings. Hmm, I wonder who the puppet master could be? Looking forward to next week.