Okay, after publishing my most recent post, I have thought about what I said and must clarify. Mainly because I’m worried some of the people I work with will come after me with tar and feathers.

I don’t want to have children. However, this does not mean I don’t believe you (whoever you might be) should not have children. I know lots of parents who are quite good at being a parents. I’m just not a parent type person myself.

My friend Matt has children and I adore them, from a safe distance. My sister has a small child and I think he is simply wonderful, if only he would stop screaming every time I come near him. Eric, the brother-in-law, says that babies can sense your fear. I’m beginning to think that might be true.

So, parents of the world, I respect you and think you’re great, I just don’t want to join your ranks. Meanwhile, I will continue to read blogs about the trials and tribulations (and yes, the joys and jubilations) about raising small children. I will laugh and cry and marvel at the physical and emotional strength these people have. And I won’t judge you for wanting to have kids. Just like I would hope you would not judge me for not wanting to have them myself.