At Perkins, after karaoke, Beth, Matt and I are having a good time playing cards, when a song comes on the Musak overhead. Beth and Matt start discussing how a line goes “Until your back is aching.”

I look up. “Is that how it goes? I thought it was ‘Until you’re back with bacon.'”

They stare at me. I continue. “Hey, breakfast food or Kevin, you win either way.”

We then start singing the next line “I miss you, I want you, I need some food.”

For the record, the song is “Back Here” by BBMak (whatever the heck that is) and the lyrics go like this (although I think my version is better).

BBMak Back Here

Baby set me free from this misery

I can’t take it no more

Since you went away nothing’s been the same

Don’t know what I’m living for

Here I am so alone

And there’s nothing in this world I can do


Until you’re back here baby

Miss you want you need you so

Until you’re back here baby yeah

There’s a feeling inside I want you to know

You are the one and I can’t let you go

So I told you lies even made you cry

Baby I was so wrong

Girl I promise you now my love is true

This is where my heart belongs

Cause here I am so alone

And there’s nothing in this world I can do


And I wonder, are you thinking of me

Cause I’m thinking of you

And I wonder

Are you ever coming back in my life?

Cause here I am so alone

And there’s nothing in this world I can do

Chorus to fade

Words fail me. Pretty much, from what I gather, is that the singer is depressed because he told lies and let his baby go and now is sitting around wondering if she is thinking about him. I have just one little word for him. And that word is NO! Hopefully, she has a life now and is not waiting around for you to call her because you don’t deserve her at all. Perhaps this song was written by the genius who came up with Picture.

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At 12:08 PM, The Lioness said…

I linked your Moron’s Mouth, that way all 3 sites are neatly available. I hope it’s alright, let me know if it isn’t. I have to get hold of a Picture.mp3 to understand all that hatred! 😀

At 5:53 PM, DeAnn said…

I like the bacon line MUCH better, so you just keep on singing it that way!

At 10:22 AM, CarpeDM said…

I say “Link away! Link away! Link away, Dixie Land.”Oh, God, I am so insane.

No, it’s cool, Lioness. You go right ahead.

At 6:18 PM, Sara said…

Hi! New to your blog. I love to karaoke too. Where in MSP/St. Paul do you karaoke? I always have a hard time finding places?