Because the last post was pretty depressing, I bring you humor! Yes, I am a dork.

I was watching an M&M commercial the other day. There are swirls of colorful little candies and I am just fascinated by the fact there are blue M&M’s interspersed with all of the other colors. I turn to Keem and Jeff.

“Are there blue M&M’s now?”

They both stare at me in silence. Keem says, very slowly, “Yes.”

“Oh, yeah, Blue’s my favorite.”

Keem continues with “And you have a suitcase with him on it. Remember? You bought it in Las Vegas?”

Background – My absolute favorite M&M commercial is the one where Blue is sitting in a living room and one of the Baldwin Brothers (Not Alec, I know that much) walks in and says something about how he’s hungry. Blue looks at him and says something about “Aren’t you a Baldwin? That wasn’t very convincing.” The Baldwin Brother apologizes for his horrible acting and goes back outside. Blue runs over and locks the door. Then you hear this knocking and the Baldwin Brother saying “Blue? Blue?” And Blue says “No Blue aqui.” Which means, in case you didn’t know, Blue is not here. Anyway, it amuses me. Even though I don’t remember that it amuses me.

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At 2:22 PM, brooksba said…
You are classic! Thanks for sharing this fun story!
At 4:40 PM, Matt said…
Dana, Dana, Dana, Dana……you are so funny Futher. I cannot believe that you asked if they had blue M&m’s now, like Keem said, you bought a suitcase with one on it. I love it when you make me laugh…..I think I just terrifeid some children in the waiting room at work now. If they were not screaming when they got here, well they are now. Thank you for that.Your Son,The Crazy One
At 12:03 PM, Firebear said…
Not the comercial with the tick?