This morning, as I was finishing up getting ready for work, I hear a not so pleasant sound.

“Gak! Blech! Glaurg!”

This sound was coming from the shower. This sound was coming from Keem. Who managed to throw up approximately 4 times in five minutes. Who also had the chills. This is, as we all know, a sure sign of the stomach flu. Well, to everyone but me, because I asked her “What do you think this is?”

You can imagine Keem’s graceful remark to me inbetween vomiting sessions. Well, in case you can’t, it was “Um, chills and throwing up? It’s the stomach flu.” She was not going to make it into work.

I, however, am of hardier stock (and also had not thrown up so really no point to stay home, right?) headed off to the bus, by way of the store, since today we were having a potluck for Linda T.’s last day. Now we will be down to just Linda P. and as you can imagine, we are feeling the Linda shortage.

About halfway to work, my stomach started to hurt. A lot. No reason why, that I could tell. The bus managed to hit every single pothole on the way to work. Every single one. I got to work, exited the bus like the little old lady I was feeling like, and went inside.

I’m of hardy stock. I was fine. What’s a little stomach ache?

Well, apparently, it’s not just a stomach ache. Remember the potluck I was talking about? Yeah, well, here in Minnesota, that means people bring food. And said food just happened to be set on the counter very close to my desk. And said food, while appearing quite delicious, was also quite fragrant. I lasted an hour before I wandered off, found a manager (mine doesn’t start until 10) and told her I was going home.

And I rode the bus back (Keem feels this is a sure sign that I am sick, that I would ride the bus home without complaint) and luckily, managed to wake up before my bus stop. Here’s a tip, future bus riders. Tell the bus driver where you’re going to be getting off the bus. And sit up front. That way, if you do fall asleep, they will usually wake you up. And yes, I have learned this tip the hard way.

I rode the elevator up to the 26th floor (amazing how horrible and long an elevator ride feels when you’re nauseous), said hello to Eddy and stopped to see Keem. Who was somewhat surprised to see me.

Then I went to bed. And just woke up a little while ago, after having a very bizarre dream. The only thing I am going to tell you about this sleeping experience is that I now have to buy new sheets. I hate being sick. You have no control over anything when you’re asleep.

Anyway, while I am not dying, I feel quite horrid. Keem does as well. We are now trying to figure out if we have a 24 hour bug or food poisoning.

Do you know what sucks about this the most? Other than the new sheets thing? The fact that tonight is the Christmas Karaoke party. A night I have been looking forward to since oh, December last year, since the last party. And right now, there is no way that either Keem and I are going to be able to make it there.

One good thing about the place where we may or may have not got food poisoning from (probably not because many people at work are sick as well) is where Bryan’s (the karaoke host from The Chalet (there are others but he’s the only important one. Well, to Beth and myself, anyway)) mother works. So that was fun meeting her officially.

Anyway, I’m back to bed. Talk to you later.

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At 6:43 PM, The Lioness said…
Dahling, hope you feel better soon, am talking to Beth right now and she told me you were ill. FLUIDS!!!
At 2:46 PM, Robert ~ Marlénè said…
These sudden illnesses always pop up when there’s something we want to do… but where are they when there’s something we want desperately to get out of? I’ve missed three shows this month because of one stupid little chest cold, two of which were Christmas shows and my only opportunities this year to wear my jewel-tone velvet dresses with boots, and to lipsynch favorite Christmas songs by Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne. I’d been waiting weeks to perform Vonda Shepard’s version of “The Man with the Bag,” which is more fun to lipsynch than any song I know.Life just sucks, is all. But I hope you feel better soon.
At 7:55 PM, angelia said…
Dana,I am sorry you and Keem are not feeling well, you are not alone I stayed home from work today because I can barely talk. I must say though, I would rather have bronchitis or a cold compared to the stomach flu or food poisoning. My thoughts are with you, I hope you feel better soon.