Last night I had two odd dreams. One was that I was living in a duplex with my grandparents, my dad’s parents. Grandfather died before my mom even met my dad, grandmother died when I was two. So I don’t remember them. Why was I living in a duplex with them? What is that? And why would I feel compelled to leave them a note on the table in my portion of the duplex so that they wouldn’t be worried when I went to karaoke with Beth? And I had a dog.

The only thing that I can think might have been involved in this is that Beth mentioned having lunch with her grandparents.

The other dream was very strange. Apparently I was working with Will Smith on a movie (so apparently I’m a movie star since this is the 2nd dream I’ve had where I’ve been in a movie with someone. The first was the former gov of MN, Jesse “The Body” Ventura). Apparently, I had this long, involved conversation with Mr. Smith (call me Will) about religion. Apparently he started showing me a ritual from his religion that involved me lying in the dirt driveway at my mother’s house (now Kari’s house but in the dream I think my mom was still living there) while he painted little symbols on me with gold paint and then poured water over me.

I do know that the dream was not sexual at all, which is terribly disappointing because, c’mon, it’s Will Smith! And he is so very, very, very pretty. The other thing, not planning on converting to any other religion and I can’t for the life of me remember what his was (I know it wasn’t Buddhism and I don’t believe it was Muslim. I think he referred to himself as a Maoist which is seriously bizarre and apparently a belief. Where the heck did this come from? Maoism does not appear to actually be a religion per se.

Anyway, marvel at my psyche. Interpret if you would because I’m seriously confused.

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At 3:12 AM, brooksba said…


Okay. I am consulting the dream book. This may not make any sense, what-so-ever. But maybe it’s a triad now. (Did I ever explain that to you? That would be an interesting post. Hmmmm.)

Sending a letter to relatives (note is not in the book): Family quarrels.

Grandchildren being with grandparents: Advancement in health conditions

(Karaoke and duplex are not in the book. Since you didn’t actually mention singing or hearing songs, I’m not looking up singing. I think duplex may be important, but not sure what to look up for this.)

Performing in a movie: a change in life will come soon

Dirt – closest I can find is stepping into dirt: Will be leaving your abode

(Did you know that there are meanings for playing lawn tennis in this book? That’s an odd one.)

Paint the face of a woman: She deceives you. (Why are you deceiving Will Smith?)

As for religion, the closest I can find is belonging to a religious institution: loss of enemies.

Maoist is not in the book.

The color of gold: will do business with people faraway
Materials of any kind in gold color: abudant means

So as far as I can tell, the first dream means that you’re going to fight with someone in your family (probably your mother – that’s just me assuming though) about health conditions of yours that are improving.

The second dream:
You are going to get some money, move to a new place but not tell anyone about it. You’re going to lose enemies (noisy neighbors???) and the money will come from faraway. Hey, don’t our paychecks get cut from another state? And you want Will Smith to paint on your body while other people watch the movie. You voyeur. =)


At 12:37 AM, BC said…

Ok, you weren’t listening to “Just the Two of Us” at any point during the previous day were you? This would be just enough to trigger the semantic part of your brain into actually creating the only logical (to you) situation where you two were together. Maybe you had an idea that if you were ever to meet Will Smith, it would be through the movie business. I cannot say why you’re id was not unleashed and you did not paint his toenails and call him “sugar” but maybe that happened after the episode you remember. You know me, I need people like you to figure out MY dreams. I know there’s a lot of strange dream dust going around. Well, I’ll be monitoring,peace