I am getting a computer for Christmas (well, my sister is buying me a computer and making a payment and the rest of the payments are mine but it still counts because I’m getting it at Christmas time)!

I am going to PORTUGAL!

Beth and I are going to see The Lioness in April!!!!!

Am I the luckiest person you’ve ever met or what?


At 11:07 AM, The Lioness said…

CANNOT BELIEVE YOU’RE COMING!!!!! YEY!!!!!!! Congrats on comp, bril!!!

At 12:57 PM, brooksba said…

DM,Did I tell you I’m excited? Oh yeah, I think I’ve told you that over and over.WE’RE GOING TO PORTUGAL!!! OMG!!! This is totally awesome! Yea!!!Also, thrilled that you now have your own computer. That means more blogging. =)Beth

At 7:19 PM, Firebear said…

That’s is very cool! Spent time there myself. Long story, but involves a moving sidewalk and a taxi going really fast in reverse!I can’t wait for those blogs!