Have you been to Anne Taintor Dot Com? Have you?

You should go there right now. You should. You should go buy me stuff. Well, no, you shouldn’t but not for the reason you’re thinking which is “Oh, that Dana. She just realized that sounded crass and rude and demanding and is taking it back.” Because, um, hello, Queen of the Universe here. Allowed to be demanding (but I do apologize for being crass and rude. Please buy me stuff? I like stuff). You shouldn’t go there right now because they’re closed for inventory and won’t be open again until January 3rd.

Anyway, I found a ton of fun stuff there. I first came across her art on a notebook I found at Barnes and Noble (another place to go to if you are looking for Dana appropriate gifts. Because I would buy the whole damn store if I could (except for the non-fiction area. I don’t like non-fiction. Well, maybe some non-fiction. I did enjoy both The Rock’s and Meat Loaf’s autobiographies)). I had been drawn to it for some time but finally broke down and bought it when I was at B&N looking for a Christmas present for Eric’s sisters. I wanted to also buy the smaller notebook that had this cover but Kari, when presented with the onerous task of choosing which one I should pick, went with the first notebook. But you so know I’ll be back there to buy the smaller one.

The other day, I was talking to a co-worker about a stock holder and saw she also liked this work and she directed me to Anne Taintor Dot Com (that’s just so fun to write). Which is where I found this one. I must have it. Must! Which I will eventually buy but not until after I go to Portugal because I cannot be frivolous. I must budget. I must.

Anyway, the whole thing about inspiration? The link about imaginary men has inspired me to write about my love of super heroes. So this post is to come. Along with a meme that I gleefully stole from DeAnn’s site. DeAnn has a puppy so you should go see her puppy. He is very cute.

Stupid work computer will not let me view the pictures on Adam West Dot Com. Damn computer. I need my Bat Fix.

I think that’s random enough for the day. My work here is done.