Okay. Okay. Lioness, I swear it will happen soon. There will be a drop down menu and all will be well with your voice. Stop yelling. You will hurt yourself.

Last night my brother-in-law, Eric, came over with the computer. Keem did not want to set it up until tonight but that is not going to happen because we are going to see In Good Company and Topher Grace far outweighs a new drop down menu. I’m just saying. He’s so damn cute.

But I promise. Within the week. And then Beth and I are going to play with my blog this weekend and I may end up with an exciting and new template! Yay!

I am also going through all of the previous posts and moving the comments inside of the posts because I want to get haloscan and someone was somewhat upset when I set moron mouth to haloscan because she thought I had deleted all of her comments. Which I did, in a way, but I still have them in email.

Anyway, soon. Soon my site will be shiny and new. And it will prance around the internet, singing I feel pretty. You just watch.

Previous Comments:

At 1:56 PM, The Lioness said…
Weel I am shocked. Capslocks are NOT shouting, they are EMPHASIS, every portie knows that! Pffff.If you send my comments to me w the dates i will re-post on haloscan. *SIGH* Halo hogs.Anyway, CAN’T WAIT to see new template, ahoy!
At 3:59 PM, brooksba said…
DM,I can’t wait for the shiny new template. We’re going to have fun with this. I didn’t think J was yelling. I knew she said she’d go hoarse from having to ask you over and over. Do you really think Haloscan is better? Hmmm. I’m still in debate as to whether I’d like to add Haloscan someday. Would have to put the existing comments into the posts like you’ve done though. Maybe. I don’t know.I just talked to you. Like 30 seconds ago. This is strange. We’re going to a movie! Yea! Pretty Topher. I like Topher. I am not of the opinion though that “Dennis Quaid is a beautiful piece of man meat.” He’s not bad, but not my favorite. Beth
At 5:31 PM, CarpeDM said…
Okay, let me rephrase that. I think what I meant when I said stop yelling was not that she was yelling but because we’re so far away from each other and I can’t get into my email that the only way she’d be able to reach me is she’d yell to be heard over the ocean and many, many states.Which doesn’t make any sense at all but hey, I’m weird. What do you people want from me? You should have known that by now. Although I can see why that would be confusing to you.Topher! He’s only an hour and 40 minutes away!
At 6:31 PM, The Lioness said…
STOP talking abt me like I’m not here!!! *harrumph* (Dennis Quaid is rather edible)
At 12:09 PM, Cy said…
New template! Whoo-hooo! Go get ’em!