So this morning I had a dream.

I dreamt that I saw this man that had a tattoo on his right arm, right above the wrist. And I grabbed his arm and said “Oh, my God! Your tattoo matches Beth’s! You are her soul mate! I have finally found you!”

Then my alarm went off. So I have no idea what happened next. Or why I thought that, just because this guy had the same penguin tattoo as Beth, he was her soul mate.

My brain scares me.

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At 12:09 AM, brooksba said…
Okay…Was it a penguin tattoo? Because I don’t have a tattoo on my arm. But if it was a penguin tattoo, was he cute? Beth
At 4:49 AM, Weary Hag said…
A penguin tattoo!!! Yikes. Well, I suppose I’ve seen stranger. How nice of you to refer your dream-stranger to your best friend rather than keep him to yourself. See that? You’re even nice in your dreams!Carol
At 8:33 AM, CarpeDM said…
Beth,I know you don’t have a tattoo on your arm. But it was the same tattoo that you have on your leg.Carol,Beth likes penguins. If this guy had a penguin tattoo, he’s probably the right guy for Beth. Now, if it was a frog? He’s all mine.