Part Two – Beth did her countdown here. And that has actual times on it for when we’re leaving and how long our flight will be.

It’s 12:45 in the morning. I should be taking a shower to get ready for part two of Beth and Dana go power shopping but I thought I would blog instead. I am up way too early but was having a terrible time trying to sleep. Get one hour of sleep, wake up, go to the bathroom, wander to the kitchen to see what time it is, go back to bed and repeat ad nauseum. Finally I said the hell with it. The good news is that since Beth and I have to be to the airport really early tomorrow, we will probably be hitting our respective beds much earlier than usual.

I think this trip is going to work out a bit better than our trip to Vegas. Since Beth and I work different shifts, we have completely different work schedules. So it took a long time for us to get on the same sleep schedule in Vegas. I was always ready to crash around 10 PM and she was raring to go. Plus, I did not have the CPAP machine then so, after about two days of listening to me snore loudly and stop breathing and choke myself awake, Beth was about ready to kill me. Spending the weekend with her before we leave is a much wiser decision. I’m still up much earlier than her but we also have a 15 hour trip to Portugal ahead of us so I’m sure the jet lag will help me get on the same schedule.

I cannot wait to meet Johnny in person. This is terribly exciting. On Friday night, a bunch of us from work got together to celebrate the end of tax season (YAY!) and the fact that I was going to be gone for two weeks came up. Everyone was amazed or jealous that I was going to Portugal and I had a few people ask me to put them in my suitcase. Yeah…there’s barely enough room for Hippo and he comes first, sorry. A former co-worker was there and asked me why I decided to go to Portugal. I explained that Beth had emailed me and said “We’re going to Portugal to see Johnny” and I emailed her back and said “Okay. Cool.” Yep, I’m good at making the snap decisions. Somehow I feel this won’t be as horrible as an experience as moving to Madison was.

Anyway, Johnny does have access to the internet and Beth and I will still be able to post. Because if she didn’t, we never would have “met” her in the first place. Anyway, I’m off to shower now. Much love and peace and all.