Okay. I’m forced to tell you all that I am seriously thinking about moving to Portugal. Just so you know. Well, I probably won’t because a) I don’t speak any Portuguese except for Obrigada (thank you), Secana (rat bastard) and Bacon (bacon) and b) NABABNA does not have any openings in Portugal. Which is just silly and they better start working on that soon. But Johnny has already told me that I could live with her so that’s a start.

I had a dream last night that I was looking through pictures that we took and I kept seeing my mother in them. She was smiling at me. Which means, of course, that I freaked out and thought that my mother was possibly dead and was visiting me in my dreams. Which also meant that I called my sister at 7 AM and left a message for her asking her to email me. I think Kari was probably laughing as she listened to my pleas for an email. But she did comply and I was informed that mom is very busy with work and hasn’t been doing much emailing lately.

I’m having a wonderful time and will probably not be moving but I am now going to go take a shower and get ready to greet the day. It’s about 4 PM here. So I guess I’m going to greet the afternoon.

Much love!