There is a bidet in Johnny’s bathroom. I had never seen one up close before. It’s very interesting.

The hot waiter from the beach cafe let me into the bar’s bathroom. He let me know (in English, bless him) that the light turned on automatically. He did not inform me, however, that the light was on a timer (as most of the lights here in Portugal seem to be) and would turn off. Suddenly, I was sitting in the dark. Yikes.

Fortunately, I must have been a cat in another life and my eyes quickly adjusted to the light. And it did eventually come back on, apparently it is also on a motion detector.

Back at Johnny’s place, I had to use the bathroom again. There I was, minding my own business, when there was this POP! sound and the lights went off. Hmm. What had happened? Well, Beth and I had thought ”Hey, let’s take a power strip to Portugal. That’ll work, right?” The correct answer is no. It will actually blow a fuse. This happened twice before Beth and Johnny realized that it won’t work.

The last adventure came that night. Johnny’s cat, Hum-Hum, apparently likes to lie in the bathtub. I knew this but yet was not expecting what happened. I must have made some sort of noise and all of a sudden, Hum-Hum’s head popped up and she stared at me. She is a dark brown cat that appears to be black and has golden eyes. It was a little freaky.

Today we are going to a beach house and across a bridge and who knows what adventures we will experience? Will I write about them? Por que não? Yes, those are my new Portuguese words – meaning Why not? Which I discovered watching what I thought was a preview for a series about an English (possibly, light skinned, blondish) boy and his Indian girlfriend who were torn between their love for each other and their culture and then they jumped off of a roof and into this heart shaped orange soup like substance that may have been a blanket or soup. Who knows? But anyway, it wasn’t a preview. It’s a commercial. But I have no idea what for.

Adoro-te, dear internet. Until we meet again.