Right now it is 4:12 in the morning here in Portugal but, as you can see from the time this was published, it is actually 10:04 PM back home. Right now, Beth and I would be at karaoke.

Karaoke. Ah, karaoke, how we miss you. This is the first week we have missed since last September.

Before we left, we had strict orders from Dean, Bryan, Liz and James to not think about karaoke tonight. We were supposed to kick back by the ocean with some sort of refreshing beverage and, if we were so inclined, cast one thought towards all the fun back home. But that was it. Of course, I don’t think we had realized what the time difference was then. It would be a little chilly if we were at the ocean right now.

Well, sorry, guys but we’ve been thinking about you today. In fact, while Beth was looking through her files to find what pictures to download for her blog, she came across some pictures from last week. There was the picture of Bryan in my floppy hat, the picture of Dean rapping and pictures of Tom and Char and Matt and Christine. In one of the pictures, Dean was raising his glass as Beth snapped the picture of him. We had the following conversation.

DM: Look, he’s toasting us.
Beth: He is toasting us.
DM: Beer break.

At the same time, Beth and I raised our Coke cans and silently toasted Dean.

Beth: We’re complete losers, aren’t we?
DM: Noooo. We just miss our friends.

We also listened to two sound clips of Dean. And cried. Just a little.

Hopefully the cool table will not forget about us and still accept us next week. After all, we did miss a week…but hey, we’ll have cool pictures to show them. Of pizza*, a boar head** and a fire extinquisher and matching sign***.

Oh, God, we are complete losers, aren’t we?

*We took a picture of our bacon pizza because Bryan was fascinated by the fact that bacon is the same word here as it is back home. In fact, he wrote a haiku about it, we’ll have to post it later.

**The grocery stores here have everything you could desire and a few things you might not. Lots and lots of fish (blech) and a boar head. Seriously. But not the full thing, about one or two inches thick but you can make out the shape.

***Beth took a picture of the fire extinquisher at the museum. I took the picture of the fire extinquisher sign at Hemp House.