Ha-ha! No, seriously, I am trying to get better at photography. I still have a problem moving when I take a picture. I think I need a tripod. Or need to learn how to stand still for 30 seconds.

Anyway, Beth posted this awhile ago and I was fascinated with it so I just went through her archives (3 months) before it dawned on me that “Hey, she has categories. I bet it’s there.” And it was and all was good.

Here’s the post that Beth did. She is a much more talented photographer than I am and fascinates me with the detail she can get with her camera. She also has a better camera than I do. I told her that if she decided to give up banking, she could probably do really good travelling the world and getting pics for postcards. Or, for that matter, writing a guide book.

I would have to come along though, because I catch things that she misses. She captures beauty, I capture the bizarre (the supermanos sign I saw that amused me (I know it doesn’t mean a store where you can find a bunch of supermen but that’s what I pretended. And I have the perfect paper to scrapbook it on)) and I also have absolutely no qualms about taking pictures of strangers while pretending I’m focusing on something in the distance. Hot guy at the train station taking his coat off? Got him. Beggar sitting on the church steps in Evora? Got her. Small children sniffing rocks? Got them.

Plus, what guide book would be complete without a multitude of bird pictures? I like birds. You can tell this because, usually, when I see a bird, I will say, loudly, “Bird!” I also say this when I see squirrels. There are not any squirrels in Portugal. At least I didn’t see them. I would have been sad, if it hadn’t been for all the birds.

Anyway, here are the items. I’m going to try and do this within the next couple of weeks. Since it’s been so nice, I’m thinking about heading out on my lunch break and snapping pictures. Who knows what I will find?

Most of these pictures are from Portugal.

1. frame
2. glass
3. arrow
4. numbers
5. small
6. open
7. fruit
8. wheel
9. plastic
10. cover
11. natural
12. saturday
13. multi-coloured
14. home
15. shadow
16. sticky
17. clean
18. foot
19. sport
20. round
21. group
22. man made
23. half
24. path
25. full
26. the end

I think you should try it as well. It would be fun.