You will be pleased to know that the Johnny fund is in effect and we have gained a total of $3.59 towards bringing Johnny to America to witness the Minnesota State Fair and spend quality time with Beth and I.

I can hear you thinking. “Yeah. That’s impressive.”

Oh ye of little faith, that is impressive. I’ve had the adsense program since January and $2.14 was earned yesterday. Just by a few people clicking on the little google ad buttons. Isn’t that cool?

Anyway, tell your friends, neighbors, enemies and everyone you know to come and start clicking. $2.14 is a great start but really, we only have approximately 4 months for this. I am now going to do math (which is proof of just how much I want Johnny to come to Minnesota. I hate math).

Dana’s Attempt at Math:

I am assuming 4 months at 30 days apiece. 4 times 30 equals 120. 120 days times $2.14 equals $256.80. This will not get Johnny to America. It may get her to Evora, which is the opposite way we want her to go.

Beth also talked about putting adsense on her blog but I’m not sure if she will do it or not. I really do appreciate all of your clicking! Perhaps I will do weekly updates. Oh, joy. Weekly math. Johnny, do you see how much I adore you? Do you?