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Today Keem called and picked me up after she got done with work. I waited outside, near the sign for the now defunct restaurant (sadness. Best Patty Melt I’ve had in awhile) and decided to snap some pics. These are the trees across the street.

I love Spring. It is my favorite season and it is lovely seeing all of the leaves emerging and the bright colors.

Today was the first day I didn’t complain about the weather being back. That’s something, right?

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Same trees. Close up. This is as far as my camera will zoom.

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She is so going to kill me for posting this picture. But I was excited to see her.

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I liked this shot. The dolphin just likes to hang out.

Keem and I went to a new restaurant in our area. Applebee’s has replaced the Ground Round on Robert Street. The house sirloin topped with bleu cheese is pretty good.

It was a nice day off. Hope you had a good day.