Johnny, remember that we love you. Okay? We do this out of love. Love, love, love, love, love!

We. Heart. You.

Because we love you, we are seriously serious about you coming to Minnesota in August. So serious that, last night at karaoke, Beth and I had a brilliant, brilliant idea. Why not make magnets and sell them in a blatant attempt to drive you crazy and get you to come to Minnesota?

And, as Beth said, when I told her that you were going to exact a horrible revenge, “Well, she’ll have to come to Minnesota to kill us.” So, let me put this as tactfully as possible…


So, what I ask of you, those of you that love Johnny, would you be interested in purchasing magnets from Beth and my trip to Portugal (unfortunately, no pictures of Johnny would be included in the offer (really don’t want her to kill us))? I’m trying to set up a shop on Café Press but right now it hates my images (I’ll have to work on this at home). All profits to benefit the Johnny Fund, of course.

Oh, and guys, just so you know, we’re up to $22 from the Google Adsense program. That’s almost 15 dollars in 3 days. Wow.

Johnny, do you see how people love you? Do you?

Oh, and just for the record, last night I had my first kiss in 7? 8? years (This is not counting Matt at the party. He’s family). All I had to do is turn in an empty beer bottle to one of the bar backs. Gosh, my romantic life is great. Don’t you wish you were me?