One of my favorite bloggers is flea. She is a brilliant and humorous writer. If you’ve never read her site, I recommend that you visit, if only for this post. She recently bought Oprah’s magazine, O, and brings its wisdom to us, as only she can do. She also tried some of the suggestions on her husband.

I enjoyed this post so much that I have figured out a way to win the affections of Gil (Guy I like). I am trying to be subtle about the fact that I like him. But it is difficult since certain people (hmm, I wonder who could that be) keep bringing up the fact that “Oh, look, Dana has dressed up tonight” or “Oh, look, Dana did her hair” when there are perfectly logical reasons for me dressing up (Keem is doing laundry and I don’t have any casual clothes to wear) or doing my hair (since I am trying to grow my hair long and it wants to grow wide instead of long, I have to blow dry it or try pinning it back or it looks horrible) that have nothing to do with the fact that I might possibly find this person interesting.

Here is the comment I left on flea’s blog, my plan to convince Gil I’m the girl for him. Do you think it will work (if you haven’t read flea’s post, this will not mean anything to you. You should probably go read the post first)?

I see what my problem is, why I’m so single. Apparently I haven’t been complimenting the guy I like on his manly sweater.

I can actually imagine the conversation now.

DM: Why hello, Gil, have I mentioned how powerful and moving in the way that you speak. Quite like John Wayne.
Gil: Some major movie mogul is a really bad guy (he’s a nerd. Okay? I like a nerd)*.
DM: You are 100% correct (hoping he will forget that I hate the movie mogul’s movies that he is referring to and could care less about how he is a really bad guy).
Gil: Okay.
DM: May I compliment you on your manly sweater?
Gil: Are you on drugs?

Yes! I can see it now! Why, I bet I’ll be married next week! All thanks to W. Bruce Cameron and Oprah! And to you, of course, flea, for bringing their wonderful words to my attention.

*Thank you to Beth for pointing out that I completely gave myself away and had to edit creatively.