On my last photo essay, the one about the balloons, Johnny left a comment about her concern for the effect on the environment, especially regarding the sea turtles. I thought that I would try distracting her from my environment faux pas (and I call myself a tree hugger!) by providing pictures of last Christmas.

Every year, Jeff and Keem decorate the Christmas tree. I do not participate. It’s not that I don’t enjoy Christmas, it’s just that I prefer to be “supreezed” when the tree is fully decorated. It is a lot of fun for me to come out and see what they’ve done. However, this year, I did decide to stick around and photograph the progress. Especially when Eddy decided that he wanted to help with the decorating.

After the boxes are brought out of the Christmas closet, Eddy is in ecstacy. He loves to climb on, in, over and under boxes.


Eddy is distracted from the boxes when he realizes that Jeff is putting together the Christmas tree without Eddy’s direct attention (oh, the horror!).


“No, no, you put the branch like this. Oh, here. Let me show you. Silly human.”


Eddy checks to make sure that Jeff has installed the branches per his detailed instructions.


“You need to install the lights now, Jeff. Here, let me help you with that. Aren’t you glad that you have my assistance?”


“Hmm. These lights seem to be all tangled now. Let’s see what I can do about this…dang lights! They are alive! They are thwarting me! Take that, you piece of Mrrrrowww (really bad word in cat language)!”

The things we encourage our pets to do to amuse ourselves

Oddly enough, the next morning I came walking out into the living room and found this ornament lying on the ground. I wonder how this could have happened.


“I am innocent. Innocent, I say. I cannot believe you would accuse I, a valuable member of this family, of toying with the ornaments. I am shocked AND appalled at such disrespect. Good day to you, madam! I said good day!”


However, the temptation of the ornaments is too much to resist and soon Eddy is caught red-pawed.


“Don’t be silly. I just felt that the icicle didn’t belong here. I think it will be much better in another place. I am innocent…okay. You want to know the truth? I have a problem. I have an ornament addiction. But it’s not my fault. It’s society. It’s the man that’s causing this. That Santa Claus man with his reindeer and elves waiting on him all the time. Where are my reindeers and elves? No wonder I play with ornaments. I want a lawyer.”


After a long day in court, Eddy takes a nap with his lawyer, Keem. She has managed to plea-bargain the charges to “Reckless Endangerment of Ornaments” instead of “Premeditated Ornamenticide.” Eddy has been sentenced to parole for a year and must attend Ornaments Anonymous. Your prayers for his recovery from this awful addiction would be most welcome.