I am formulating the posts about Tomah and power tools. I just have to ponder this situation.

Why, why, why am I dreaming about Quagna? Could anyone answer that question?

I have had about 5 various dreams about him since the evening where our eyes locked across a crowded room. Each single dream involves us either a) exchanging extremely great kisses (and more but that’s all you’re getting), b) declaring our love for each other or c) getting married (only one of those, the Lord be praised, but that’s the one I had last night).

Now I know that I am horribly, terribly, desperately single but I would certainly hope that if I was going to dream about marrying someone, it would not be a man who hit his friend over the head with a beer bottle! I would hope that it might be someone I might actually have a chance of seeing again who isn’t a psychopath.

If any of you might have any thoughts about this, I’d appreciate it. If you might happen to know a man who would be worthy of my kissing in my dreams, that would also be great. I’m not that fussy when it comes to a potential mate – They have to have a good sense of humor (and appreciate sarcasm), either sing or like karaoke, be intelligent, accept that I am the Queen of the Universe and not go around beating up people in parking lots. Is that too much to ask for?