As I mentioned in my last post, Beth and I went to see “March of the Penguins” on Monday. Since I work in South Saint Paul and the movie was playing in Roseville and Beth lives in Moundsview, we decided it would make much more sense if I met Beth at the Rosedale Mall than have her drive out to downtown Saint Paul to pick me up and then turn around and head out to Roseville.

This decision actually worked out pretty well. But, as always, a simple bus trip for me cannot just be a simple bus trip. No, there needs to be adventure of some sort. I am assuming this is God’s way of making sure that I’m never bored.

Right before I got on the bus, I felt a raindrop. Then another. Now, this is not a big deal because honestly, I like the rain. Well, let me rephrase that. I like warm, cool you down after really hot day kind of rain. I do not like cold, damp seeping into your bones rain. That is bad rain.

Anyway, I got on the bus and listened to some really kick ass music on my iPod. Which, for some reason, all of these songs seemed to be about romance. Since my iPod is on auto fill and I rarely adjust it, apparently the cosmic joker is back messing with my mind again. For your enjoyment, here are some of the songs I heard that I would recommend to anyone. The lyrics are linked (and I tried to avoid the sites with the pop-ups. I hate those).

It Hurt So Bad – Susan Tedeschi. Wow. Who is this woman and why have I never heard her before? She rocks.

Use Me Up – Hootie and the Blowfish. Live version of the Bill Withers song and it is amazing. Yes, I like Hootie. But I will still mock him for his purple cowboy suit wearin’, Burger King commercial singin’ self.

Crazy for You – Madonna. I used to say that Madonna’s music reminded me of my first boyfriend. This song was no exception. The first time we heard it was during an argument and he used it to win said argument. Sacana!

Pavlov’s Bell – Aimee Mann. I mentioned the song in my previous post so if you didn’t read the post or read the post and didn’t comment, it is there for you. Isn’t that fun?

Dangerous – Ghost of the Robot. Spike James Marsters band. Former band. They broke up. This is kind of sad because I like this CD. And yes, I bought it just because of the fact that he is Spike. I also bought the Kane CD which is by Christian Kane, the incredibly hunky actor who played Lindsey on Angel. Diana, you should email me and we should discuss how much you need to have these CDs.

Anyway, I am rockin’ out to some great tunes (anyone have any doubts that I graduated in ’85? That should convince you) when I get to the spot where I need to get off to catch the second bus. In the rain. Because it is now pouring. But I don’t mind. Because I like rain, remember?

I ask the bus driver which way Jackson is and start heading that way, when I see a large bus shelter. Perhaps this is where I am supposed to catch my bus. I wander all over the shelter, trying to find a dry spot on my shirt so I can clean my glasses since I am now blind and not finding the number for my bus on the many route schedules.

Fine. I’ll check with a bus driver. Maybe he will know. He doesn’t. But a woman boarding the bus tells me to walk up a block to the next bus stop. Okay. This is not a problem. The rain is still warm, I’m in a spectacular mood, and I’ve got great music. I take my glasses off and put them in my purse so that I’ll be able to see and walk up to the next stop.

Hmm. I still cannot find my bus on any of these schedules. This is not good. A quick check with another bus rider reveals that it is getting close to the time I need to catch the bus. I may have to fall back on Plan B, taking an alternate bus which will require transferring to yet another bus. I do not want to do this. Two busses are bad enough but three would be just outrageous. Especially since I’m not overly fond of busses. I check the schedules again. 63, 64. No 65. Dang it.

I ask yet another bus driver. He tells me to walk to another stop. This is up a very steep hill. And will take me at least another five minutes. As I start pulling out my cell phone to call Beth, I look up and there is the schedule for the 65 bus. Soooo, I am at the right bus stop. Oh and look. Here is the bus I need. Thanks so much, Mr. Driver of the 64 bus for not having a clue. And I could have waited at the large shelter and avoided all of this rain. Not that I mind. Because I like rain. Rain is our friend.

I climb on the bus, still in a great mood, when I realize that there is a slight problem. I am soaked. The bus is air conditioned. I am now freezing.

But that’s okay. I spend the next 45 minutes to listening to music and thinking about stuff (read Gil. Because I obviously have nothing better to do than analyze everything he has ever said to me and try to figure out if he has figured out that he is the guy I like or if he’s just being flirty because he likes me and oh, my God, can I stop thinking about him for two seconds and hello, iTunes, you are not helping me when you play these songs!)

I think my number one complaint about my romantic life is that I have never been kissed in the rain. I suppose I only have Hollywood for making this seem the epitome of romanticness but I really think this would be passionate and exciting and wonderful. It would be the kiss to end all kisses.

Does anyone else find it weird that my number one complaint of my romantic life is that I’ve never been kissed in the rain and not, oh the fact that I have been “dateless” for over 8 years? But that’s me, people of the Internet. I obsess about odd things.

Finally, finally I get to Rosedale. Does the bus drop me off near the door? No. I am released from the freezing confines about a ¼ mile away from the door. It is raining even harder and I start looking around for an ark. Where is Noah when I need him? Besides being dead, I mean.

Fortunately Beth is only a phone call away and, after we try to figure out where each other are, we finally meet up. In the five minutes since I got off the bus, I am completely drenched.

DM (on the phone, peering through the deluge of water streaming from her hair): How did you know where I would be?
Beth: I drove to where the bus stop was.
DM: Oh. Yeah. That would make sense.

The theater is across the street from Rosedale. We have enough time to get something to eat at Timber Lodge (Mmm. Steak. Beth posted about our evening here, by the way). After dinner, I decide to run to the bathroom and check my hair. Where I promptly scream since I looked like the proverbial drowned rat. I am really glad that this was not a day I decided to wear make-up. I rarely wear the stuff but when I do decide to experiment, it is usually on the hottest days of the year where it melts off in moments or on days like this.

We did make it to the theater in time, were able to say hi to James. He was very busy so there wasn’t a lot of time to talk to him but he did arrange for us to see the movie for free which was quite nice of him. Especially if you disregard the death threat he made to Beth when she said we could pay for the movie. I don’t think he really would have killed us.

“March of the Penguins” was brilliant. I did enjoy it and recommend you see it. I laughed, I cried, I laughed and cried some more.

After the movie, Beth was craving ice cream so we headed to Fridleykins. Getting out of the car, we hear this barking and there is a puppy (all dogs, regardless of age, are puppies to me) in the car next to us. Beth and I say hello to the puppy and then I notice that there is a smaller puppy in the back seat.

DM: There are TWO puppies!
Beth: Double puppies!

This just goes to show you that Beth and I do have a lot in common. We are both dorks.

And, keeping with my whole romantic vant about never being kissed in the rain, I leave you with today’s song and title (which is not so much about being kissed in the rain as it is about dammit, I need some smooches and this is probably the sexiest song I have ever heard):

Kiss Me by Melissa Etheridge.

Baby what you doin’ tonight?
I’ll go anywhere that you want to go.
Jump into my car, go down to that bar
Pretend I’m someone that you don’t know

I’ll ask you if you would like to dance
Slip myself up close to your thighs
You can buy me a drink, we’ll make everyone think
That love is so damned perfect tonight

Oh kiss me, kiss me, kiss everything away
Oh honey now kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.
Come out and play

A woman can go crazy I know, working all day in and day out
Come on, we’ll let off some steam,
Create a scene
Nothing like a good scream and shout

Oh kiss me, kiss me, kiss everything away
Oh honey now kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
Come out and play

Your kiss is like medicine – a prescription to ecstasy
And your mind is my playground –
Look at what I’ve found lying next to me


Baby what you doin’ tonight?
I’ll be anyone you want me to be
Just a girl in a bar, your personal super star
I just want ya, I want ya, I want ya, I want you to

Kiss me, kiss me, kiss everything away
Oh honey now kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.
Come out and play

Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me.
Come out and play
Come out and play
Come out and play