Since I really don’t have anything major to talk about (I’m working on a post or two about random stuff, memories from my teenhood) right now and since we all need a break from Gil because otherwise I will obsess about everything that he has ever said to me and should I listen to Rachel and say something to him about it or should I just play it cool and wait to see what happens and am I going to see him tonight and I wonder if he knows and if he does, does he mind that I am absolutely crazy about him and oh, my God, do you see what I mean?

So, in order to save us from my babbling, I bring you pictures of Eddy. Spoiled little brat that he is, I can’t even tell you these are pictures of the only male who really loves me because yeah, he really doesn’t. He adores Keem with every little fibre of his fluffy being.

Last weekend, when Beth picked me up for scrapbooking, we had this conversation:

DM: Eddy slept with me last night.
B: Keem’s out of town?
DM: Yes.

How sad is it that my cat will only spend time with me if Keem is not around? Oh, I’ll get the occasional, “Hello, human, I will allow you to pet me momentarily while I brush against your legs but that’s it. Don’t get any ideas that I might actually welcome you picking me up. Sigh. Now I must squirm out of your arms and go and wash myself because you have soiled my glorious fur.” At least he does this to Jeff as well so I can’t feel completely slighted. Other than the fact that, hello, you ungrateful furball, you’re my cat!

Anyway, here are some pictures of Eddy that I’ve taken lately.

Eddy's tail

When Eddy was a kitten, I could wrap his tail around him 3 times. It is still fairly long.

Eddy decides he wants to go to the gym

He has a fascination for finding places he shouldn’t get into and getting into them. Here he has decided that he absolutely must go to the gym with Jeff.

What do you mean I can't go?

“What? What do you mean I can’t go? I bet they would love me at the gym!”

Eddy and Jeff

When we were in Portugal, Johnny had wanted to know what Jeff looked like since we joked about the fact that he was her future husband (when we force her to come and live in America because Portugal is too darn far away (although, when I am rich, I am going to buy a flat and live there in the winter so I suppose she can stay)). Jeff never did send her an email so I took the opportunity to snap this picture of him with Eddy.

Yeah, he's spoiled

The cat is quite spoiled, as you can see from this picture. He thinks nothing of drinking from our mugs of water or trying to steal food from us. We had a fight over my pizza the other day. I had to keep shoving him away so he wouldn’t climb into the box.

Please pet me.  I am adorable

“Why, yes, I am adorable. Certainly you may take my picture. Anything for my adoring fans.” He will do what we refer to as his “roly-poly Eddy” routine. He especially likes to run into the hallway when we come home and do this. This is to encourage us (and when I say us, I really mean Keem) to pet him.

Eddy poses

I love that tail. When he escapes into the hallway, he will pad along, his tail curved into a slight question mark.


Speaking of the hallway, what is that? Is the hallway haunted?

Damn it.  The door is shut.

No, it is just Eddy. Wondering why we humans insist on closing our doors because hello, how else is he supposed to explore?


Here he is slightly annoyed with me because, when I was taking pictures of the river from the living room, I wouldn’t let him near the open window. Cat. We live on the 26th floor. You’re not going to survive the fall. Back off.

I am bored with you, woman

Normally he is the biggest ham in the world and loves to pose for the camera. But he apparently got tired of me playing paperazzi and stalked off.

Okay, I’m done now. It’s 6 AM, time to go back to bed for a few hours. I would bring you new pictures of Josh but I don’t have any and Kari’s afraid you’re all a bunch of stalkers (okay, not you but that really creepy guy over there).

The only good thing about having your bedroom face the East is that when the sun rises, the light makes the river appear like liquid silver (not that I could get a decent picture of the effect). And the occasional gorgeous pic of the sunrise.

Sunrise 2, slightly photoshopped

Now I’m really done. Talk to you later, all. Have a good day (night) and I’m sure we’ll be back on the topic of my beliked tomorrow.