One of the blogs I read, Sarcomical, does this Some Things each week that I enjoy. It’s just a list of things that she loves, hates and is confused about. This is her most recent post about Some Things.

I don’t have a list like that but I do have some thoughts that have been floating through my mind and they aren’t big enough to do a whole post on. Some of it is just things that I have pondered over (maybe for too long), some of it is conversations I’ve had and some of it is just stuff.

Pondering Over:

Did you know that the new nickname for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is TomKat? That just amuses the heck out of me. I do not understand what the hell Katie Holmes is thinking. Although I have been taking vitamins for the last two days and I am suddenly feeling all of my problems slip away. Maybe soon I can stop taking my happy pills and not be struck with the urge to throw myself out of a window or stab random people because their voices annoy me. Yeah! That seems completely rational.

I left a comment for Joe the other day about something being the height of all laziness. And then I started wondering about this, my mom always used this expression and I never really knew what it meant. Does laziness actually have a height? And if so, what is it? Is there a width of all laziness? And why the hell do I wonder about these things?

There apparently is a comic book called “Tales of the Beanworld.” I thought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was weird. I really want to check out Joss Whedon’s graphic novels about Buffy. Why can I not find the paper I wrote in college about my first boyfriend and my introduction to comic books? Or the short story I wrote that was called “Tale of a Depressed Girl?” This is quite frustrating. Or the stupid children’s story about Paddleford, the Blue Duck? Why can’t I just close my eyes and wish for my room to be clean and organized without having to do any work? What’s the point to being Queen of the Universe if you have to clean?

Happy About

I finally filled my prescription for Effexor and I am thrilled. They obviously haven’t kicked in because it does take awhile for the medicine to get into your blood stream but I don’t have to go back to the doctor for 6 months (unless, of course, anything changes) and it is nice to hold them in my hands and realize that life isn’t going to seem so hard again. It took me a long time to realize that while I don’t really have anything in my life that is depressing, a chemical imbalance can make everything seem impossible.

My hair is getting quite long (okay, for me, anyway). It is not yet ponytail length yet but I can pull it back with one of those clippy gripping things (yeah, I’m so descriptive. It’s a wonder why I’m not published yet) and not look completely like an idiot. Oh, and I can wear those things that you put on your head and push the hair back and it holds it in place. What are those things called? The only bad part of this is that my hair keeps getting in my eyes but I want my bangs to grow out and match the rest of my hair so I can’t cut it and it’s killing me. Killing me! And not softly with his song, either.

Annoyed About

What do you mean server not found? Are you trying to tell me that has just completely disappeared? I was just there five minutes ago, you stupid piece of crap! That’s it. I switching browsers. Won’t you be sorry then? Mwahahahaha!

I am really tired of stock owners calling and not having all their information together. And then they complain about how long they had to wait. Okay. Here’s a clue. You’re calling for financial information. Chances are, we’re going to ask you for something to identify yourself, say something like, oh, your account number, maybe? And, hey, what better time to get your act together than while you are on hold? Because, you, like every other stock holder in the world, has nothing better to do than call us on a Monday, at 9 AM. We’re open Monday through Friday. Where were you last Friday when I went almost 10 minutes between calls (not that I’m complaining)?


So I found out that my grandfather was part Indian (Native American, although my Mom did not use the politically correct term when she told me so blame her. And then do not read the rest of this paragraph because I am a horrible, horrible person and am so going to Hell) recently. I thought this was quite cool because finally I have learned some truth about my heritage (Long story. Read it here. Mainly my Dad didn’t want me to grow to be prejudiced and lied to me). Anyway, at karaoke on Sunday, I mention it to Beth and Char.

DM: Hey, I found out I’m part Indian.
B: Yeah? Which part (or this could have been Char)?
C: Your pinky?
DM: No. My toe.
B: Which toe? Is it the little piggy that went to the market or the one that ate roast beef (I think these are the ones that she used. She may remember better)?
DM: No. It’s the little piggy that scalped all the white folks for giving us small pox and stealing our land.

Okay, it’s wrong. I know it, you know it – I’m a horrible person and am going to go to Hell. But it was damn funny.

Also on Sunday, Beth was having a bit of a dilemma. She had consumed two drinks and was feeling the effects of the alcohol slightly.

B: I think I am drunk.
DM: Do you feel like licking someone?
B: Yes (Smiles slightly wickedly because said someone is there).
DM: Okay. Here’s the ultimate test. Do you feel like licking Pete (that would be someone’s friend who has absolutely no personality)?
B (look of horror): No!
DM: Then you’re not drunk.

I can’t believe I remember this since this was from the night that I consumed 7 of the most glorious beverages known to mankind but apparently I do. And Beth hasn’t posted it yet so I’m going to beat her to the punch (okay, what the hell does that mean? Where do people come up with these things?):

Beth, Char and I are sitting at the bar on Thursday (a week ago Thursday? Don’t recall).

B: Penguins!

Char and I turn to her after looking around trying to find the penguins. Are they on TV? Is there a picture of them? Did they just waddle into the Chalet looking for an iceberg to go? We do not see any penguins.

C & DM: Where?
B: In my head.

Believe me when I tell you that there is nothing more fun than hanging out with Beth and Char. It is going to be very sad saying goodbye to Char on Saturday, she is moving to Texas for a year because she, for some reason, wants to be with her husband, Tom. Hopefully she will keep her promise to Beth and I and start a blog so we can keep in touch with her and hear all of the crazy things she is doing. I cannot believe that I suggested this, knowing how I feel about heat, but Beth and I are considering heading to Texas in February or March to see the Emperor and Empress of Cool since we will both have vacation time again. At least Beth is not leaving me to move to somewhere miles and miles away. I would cry muchly.

Today’s title comes from The Honeydogs. I used to listen to 104.1 (The Point) years ago, when it was cool and not either 80’s music or the new format (Jack radio. What the heck is that? Oh, well, at least it’s not all 80’s) and they played a song by The Honeydogs. I enjoyed it so was pleased when I found one of their CDs at a garage sale. This is one of my favorite songs by them. Another one I like is “I Miss You.”

Those Things Are Hers – The Honeydogs

Here we are
We’re finally alone now
It’s just you and me
And the memories of her
Please don’t go
Though I know that you’re angry
Maybe we can kill these ghosts with another glass of wine

There’s the glass
That she pressed to her lips nightly
If you look you can see a lipstick trace

There’s the dress
That she wore so tightly
If you look in the mirror
You can see her standing there

Those things are hers:
The ring and the glass and the bed that you lie on
And I got nerve:
It’s mean dragging up the past like she wasn’t gone
And it’s a curse-to live in the shadow of a memory
That just keeps hanging on

There’s the ring that once held us together
She wants it back
So I’m sending it next week

There’s the coat of brown and dirty leather
She doesn’t really need it
‘Cause it’s warm there out east


There’s the lamp that she turned off everynight
When she came to bed
And she held me in her arms
There’s the door that she walked through daily
And the place that I last saw her
When she walked out on me