From: Oh, c’mon. Guess. Who could it be? Why, it’s frog! Yay, frog, for always having the best memes (by the by, Beth and I were discussing, how do you pronounce meme? I think it is meem. She thought it was either mem me or me me. What do you think?). She got this from Pilgrim Heretic.

Anyway, the Google meme is that you take your first name and write needs after it. I started it with DM but DM apparently does not just stand for Dana Marie but Dungeon Master and let’s face it, I am dorky enough without bringing up the whole D&D thing again.

Although, some of these are cute.

DM needs tips & advice (yeah, that’s true)
DM needs characters
DM needs a break

Okay. Let’s try to see what Dana needs.

Dana needs a home (Got one, thanks).
Dana needs some breathing room (No, I’m cool).
Dana needs a friend (Got plenty).
Dana needs boards (Okaay. I think this is surfing related. Ha).
Dana needs to download slots (I have no clue).
Dana needs new headshots and monologues (Because I’m not dramatic enough, apparently).
Dana needs a lot of help (Hey!).
Dana needs to find another payment processor (or money. Money would be good).
Dana needs to tweak (Tweak what?).
Dana needs to get “Iran” and “Iraq” straightened out (Well, duh. Stupid Bush, messing with my universe. I would so make a better President).
Dana needs housekeepers (oh, God, yes).
Dana needs to serve all of these audiences well (Haven’t heard any complaints yet).
Dana needs a career boost (Dana needs to marry a rich man who is indulgent and will let her blog full time).

I thought it was fun. You could try it. Memes are fun. We like them. And I don’t tag, which makes me even cooler than ever, right? Right?