Hi. Just have to let you know that I have just read two of the funniest posts ever on something that I never would have thought would be funny.

I am referring to child birth. This post on finslippy and this post on Breed ‘Em & Weep. Seriously funny. Here is testament to the funniness (not really sure that’s a word, actually) – I was asked today “What are you snorting about, Dana?” Because sometimes I snort when amused.

*Keem calls me a book pusher whenever I tell her about a book I think she should read. I think everyone should go to karaoke. Which is why I post about it, hoping you will all be intrigued and show up some night.

Anyway, the update for Thursday’s karaoke is here. The update for Sunday’s will come in a day or two. And then there will be the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving karaoke (an annual event, in case the Thanksgiving part didn’t give it away) and Thursday karaoke and Sunday karaoke again! Can you say yay? I knew you could!