I know, I know. I am way behind on the karaoke posts. Please see Beth’s blog for her post on the last couple of times, it’s mainly pictures. I swear she is just waiting for me to post so she can correct me on what I was wrong about. For example, Shawn? Yeah, he’s not the drunkest man in the world, he’s the drunkest man in puppet land (we had a minor disagreement about this and she had Bryan come over and tell me this. And then Marion & Reverend James both told me that this was right). Which, hello, what the hell does that mean? That makes about as much sense as, well, um, my being called Hurricane Dana. I’m actually quite glad that she corrects me. My hearing is not the greatest & sometimes I have to have people repeat things once or twice (or sometimes three times) before I get what they are saying. There have been times that I still don’t know what was said but will nod and smile (usually these times are when Gil is in the vicinity & I am distracted by him).

Anyway, the last post about karaoke is here, this was Thursday night karaoke, November 17, 2005. On the following Sunday, November 20, we got there and saw Angie-Ang and Sarah. They had already pulled a table together and we laughed about how, even if it was dead, we’d probably have random strangers sitting with us. I was hungry and decided to order a taco salad. Seriously, if you’re not a big karaoke fan, you should just come to the Chalet for the taco salad. It was delicious. Amy came in a little later.

It was New Song Sunday, always fun. In the spirit of the evening, some weird things were said to Bryan. In one case, Sarah was going up to sing and called Bryan “Big Papa Pump.” We are just as confused as you. The other situation was when Bryan was supposed to be singing a new song and quit, claiming that it was too hard or that he didn’t know it well enough or something lame like that. Angie yelled out “You booger!” Feeling that wasn’t enough, she decided to add “You fucking fornicator.”

Jason was there with some other people. I recognize one of them but can’t think of what his name is. Jason owns a car that is modeled after the car in Ghost Busters. Because of this, Angie sang the theme song. Jason also got into the spirit of New Song Sunday and told us what he would like to do next week (tomorrow) is have us do a Weird Al Yankovich tribute. He said he would print the lyrics up and we would sing the songs from the lyrics. It would be fun to try so we’ll see if he is there. It would be nice, he is very funny and not hard on the eyes.

For some reason, probably just to torture me, it was decided that “Hey, there’s five New Kids on the Block songs. We should sing them all!” To say that I was less than pleased is a slight understatement. But this is what I get for being friends with people who from a different generation than me. I think I was about twenty or so when New Kids came out, the beginning of the horror known as the boy bands and I could never stand them. Rather listen to the Beatles, thanks.

Liz and James soon joined us. I think Matt might have been there but I’m not really sure. It was a great evening. Beth drove me home and we made plans for the third annual night before Thanksgiving karaoke to take place at Wild Tymes. This is the bar we had originally met Bryan and Dean at. I was given much crap over the fact that I missed last year’s event by setting my alarm for 11 AM instead of 11 PM so Beth was waiting for me outside for quite a lot of time. I feel incredibly guilty about this. So I knew I had to make sure that I showed up.

We walked into the place and it was packed. Wild Tymes is set up where the karaoke area is in one part of the bar, the other area is mainly for food and drinking. The first person we saw was Denean (sp?), I hadn’t seen her in two years so it was nice to see her. Although she called me Deanna. Oh, well. The next person we saw was Dean.

People I haven’t seen since I left the main NABABNA center came up. There was Luke, Craig, his wife Carleen, Shawn and Patrick. When Beth and I found a table, I noticed a man and thought he looked familiar. My exact words were “I know him. Why do I know him? I know his name is Ramon. Where do I know him from?” Beth’s response was “I don’t know. Are you stalking him?”

When I went up to sing, he looked at me and waved. So obviously I wasn’t hallucinating. I did know him. But where? Finally, Beth got frustrated with my asking myself outloud where I knew him from and waved him over. Turns out he used to work at NABABNA with me. As soon as he mentioned his supervisor, I placed him immediately. But what was even cooler was that he said, “Oh, yeah, Tiri’s here.” And Tiri turned around. Beth and I were both excited to see him as well. Ramon had worked days so Beth had never met him but Tiri worked a mid-shift so we both knew him.

It was very crowded and busy but we had a lot of fun singing. We only got to sing two songs each but you expect that when you are in a busy place. Neither Beth or I are prima donnas and are quite easy-going. You would be surprised at how many people in the karaoke world are high maintence and get mad at the host for imagined slights. It is kind of interesting listening to Angie and Bryan exchange horror stories.

But it is 5 PM and I need to take a brief nap and get ready for tonight. I will try to update more tomorrow if it is slow. Have a good evening!